Oodles of finches

It’s a fairly cold day. 33 degrees outside. The goldfinches have lost their color and are frantically feeding.

How many can you count?


Red headed woodpecker

So excited!  Just saw my first red headed woodpecker. No pic but hoping he comes back. Love adding another bird to my life list. Came for the orange suet which hasn’t been a hit here. Getting more now and we are putting out some fresh oranges now. I’m super jacked!

Just realized I never posted this. I did not see him any other days and never got a photo.  :(

Tons of Toads

Saw a lot of toads tonight! Here’s a few pics. The one with the ruler is our porch toad. I’m pretty sure he’s the same one from several years ago. Made my night!


Above are two toads


The one Steve calls bony back in the flower bed.


This one was hopping across the yard.


Here’s the porch toad. He’s kind of squished up. He is probably 1.5 inches longer when relaxing.

Goid toad hunt!

Toad-ally awesome Wednesday

Beautiful day today. Finally starting to seem like spring. Steve has seen several toads while mowing but mostly tiny ones. Here’s 2 good sized toads in the yard today.



Emerald Ash Borer

Spring is officially here. Temps were in the seventies this week and Chip’s allergies are in full swing. We’ve been watching our trees and it seems our ash tree has succumbed to emerald Ash borers and has died. Here’s a pic of the tell tale sign of the larvae.


Here’s a shot of the whole tree (on the left). The adjacent tree is hickory. It is budding out. We probably need the advice of an arborist for the best thing to do for the hickory.


Here’s Chip & Quincy enjoying the day.


We saw several orioles today and also a toad. Pretty good day!


I was reading a lot of the static pages of the blog this week and I realized that I need to do a lot of updates to the citizen science portion of this blog.  There is a GREAT website now that wasn’t in existence when I started this blog.  I’ll be adding this to the resources soon.  However, you should check it out, sign up, and start posting your sightings. I’ve added my iNaturalist widget on the sidebar.  I’m going to try to be involved there in the Amphibian watch. 

Check it out and let me know if you sign up!


Update on Chip

I’ve obviously neglected this blog pretty bad. Steve and I were talking about it today as the bill came due for hosting and I thought I should work on some updates. I realized a few things.

1) When I got my smartphone, I stopped using my camera and I stopped importing my photos.  That’s terrible!  I need to get back in the habit of using my real camera, it takes much better photos.

2) It’s good to document what happens in your life. It helps you to keep things in perspective and also to be able to look back and read about what really happened instead of relying on my not-so-great memory.

So, an update about where we are at with Chip. We determined last year that Chip truly has some sort of seizure disorder.  He went on phenobarbitol in the summer of 2013.  His partial seizures have basically completely stopped. It is working for Chip.

However, in addition to the seizures, he still has some serious allergies.  We aren’t sure what he’s allergic to exactly, but it’s probably a combination of food, indoor and outdoor allergies. So, basically, he’s allergic to planet earth.  I have opted out of most of the allergy studies as it seems expensive and has a relatively low rate of success. We are treating his allergies with a regular dose of Atarax, Omega 3’s, a carefully controlled diet, regular baths with a medicated rinse, and prednisone. We’ve been able to get off of prednisone during some months of the winter.  He did great during a trip to my parent’s house during the winter. They heat with wood and their house is really dry. He was the best he’d ever been in terms of his allergies. He also did really well during the deep freeze of winter 2013-2014.  However, as soon as there were a few warm days, he was back to itching.

Here’s a few pics of my buddy, Chip.


. At his vet appointment in April 2014, he weighed 60#, the same as Quincy.  His favorite treat is carrots. It’s one of the few things he’s allowed and he is just so excited about carrots.

Overall, we are happy with his progress. It is VERY expensive to have him on all of these medications. We have tried getting him off meds by controlling with diet, but it just hasn’t been possible.  He seems to be allergic to some indoor allergies as well.  His health generally is good though and his spirits are high. 

Sleepy Friends

I was going to title this post, “Fast Friends”, but really there is nothing fast about these two. They have become good buddies though!

Visit to Frog exhibit 002

Battling Cabin Fever

As winter wears on and it’s not fit for man nor beast outdoors, what are we left to do?


*Squirrel is made of Legos. Almonds are made of almonds.

FootBall Fans!

January 2014 009January 2014 011

Chip in his Michigan jersey and Quincy in her Lions gear. During this cold winter, Chip was so happy to wear a sweater.

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