Test Post for Steiner

Test post for Steiner.




Test Post for Steiner Tractor Parts

I’m just testing today to see if when I upload these images, they have the correct watermark/digimark on them.

Toads survive drought

I’ve been worried this summer because we haven’t seen many toads.  Good news!  Saw 1 small and 4 large today.



Chip & Quincy in their sports gear


Here’s Chip & Quincy ready for football season!

Walking Stick


This guy was sitting on the patio door when I came home today!

walking stick

Blizzard Day!


Chip & Quincy running in the big snow!

We were snowed in today, no way to get dug out in time for work. Both of our jobs called off work. Steve and I stayed home and watched GroundHog Day after trying to dig out for a couple hours.


Later in the day, Steve cut some dog trails for Chip & Quincy


A fox in the yard

Steve was going to let the dogs out the back door today, but noticed that all of the squirrels took off at the same time.  He looked around to see if he could see a hawk or something but didn’t notice anything. He put the dogs on their tie outs and they both immediately started barking and carrying on.  That is when we spotted the fox.  I never could get a great picture of him, he stayed on the other side of a pile of brush.  Here is the best one that I had.  This was the closest we’ve seen a fox.  We’ve seen a pair down the road about 2 miles before though. 


Red Fox

Merry Christmas from Chip & Quincy


I have been really behind in my blogging, I’m going to work on catching up, but here is a too cute picture of my best buds!


Trip to the Thumb Octagon Barn and Agricultural Museum

Today Steve & I stepped out of the backyard and went to the Octagon Barn in Gagetown, Michigan. They have a Fall Family Days Festival the weekend after Labor Day every year.  I’ve never been before. Honestly, I didn’t even know about the octagon barn until I heard about it from Louis Wehrmann a friend from the Gera Old Tractor Days.  You can see the whole history of the barn and some great photos and info on the place on their website.  Here are some pictures I took of the barn itself.


The pictures, really do not do the barn justice, you have to see it in person!

We saw the barn (of course!) and checked out all of the exhibits within. They have so much neat history!  We learned about honey extraction, milking, and rural electrification.  There were great displays of different types of grain separators IMG_2088and bean sorters, milk separators.  There also were people demonstrating rug weaving (and selling rugs) and demonstrating broom making and selling brooms. They also had honey & honey combs for sale. IMG_2087

Then, we walked through the flea market area and checked in with the vendors. There were over 200 vendors at the show!  There were a lot of great crafts including woodworking and glassware and ceramics. I found a great piece of glassware. I collect cow creamers and I did find a pig creamer, but no cow creamers.  We also saw the one room schoolhouse and museum. It was packed, so we didn’t walk through. Then, we crossed a little bridge and stopped in at the sugar shack where they were making sorghum syrup and allowing tastes. IMG_2093We walked past a children’s activities area which looked cool. They let the kids try some bean sorters, washing clothes with a washboard and walk on stilts amongst other activities.  Then, we went into the newest building, the grain elevator. That’s where we found my friend, Louis. 

From there, we walked across to see the antique tractor show. IMG_2103There must have been nearly 100 tractors including a very cool Oliver 77 RowCrop with an aftermarket cab.  IMG_2105IMG_2104

The theme this year was Steam Engines. There must have been more than 10 different steam engines on display and in operation.  We also saw the sawmill which wasn’t demonstrating while we were there, but had some very neat displays nonetheless. Then, we saw a McCormick Deering 10-20 power unit operating a Bay City Shovel. It was very cool and they were loading the dirt into an antique truck. I almost got trampled by a horse-drawn wagon while trying to take video.  :)   IMG_2122IMG_2124

From there, it was just a short walk over to where a guy was making electricity!  That was the coolest. We watched him stoke the fire in the boiler and get it really going so that he could light 4 light bulbs.  There were gauges so you could see how much juice he was pumping out.  IMG_2127IMG_2130

Then, we were onto the feature tent where they had vintage toys and dolls.  We did not walk through the flea market tent or take a tour of the house. We did buy a few souvenirs from the Friends of the Octagon Barn.  We would have loved to have some cider, donuts or popcorn, but the line was SO long!  They had a pretty great bluegrass band entertaining the crowd in line, though.  We also walked past the powerhouse, but did not have time for the tour there either (had to get home in time for the U of Michigan vs Notre Dame game!). 

All in all, this was an awesome trip! We plan on going back again. 

A plague of blackbirds

So, today, an entire flock of blackbirds descended upon our yard.  The ground was blackened, the trees were filled.  They stayed for quite a while.  It made me think of animal group names. Some are very descriptive, for instance, a crash of rhinos or a knot of toads.  I propose a flock of blackbirds should be called a “raucous”.